Digital Domestic Violence – do we need protections against abuse facilitated on technology?

Digital domestic abuse is a growing and dangerous form of family violence that transcends geography and traditional definitions of domestic violence. Technology facilitates perpetrators’ ability to pervasively control and coerce victims. Like all forms of domestic...

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I am implicated in an inter-country family law litigation – how does this affect my property settlement?

As globalisation has made the world more interconnected, it is more common for couples to be married to an overseas resident or own property in several countries. This can convolute divorce settlements as family law legislation from other countries can stipulate...

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Family Court to merge with the Federal Circuit Court – a setback in curbing domestic violence?

The 2019 Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Bill is intended to combine the two family courts into the singular Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. The bill passed in the Senate during February following support from key crossbencher, Rex...

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