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Rowan Skinner is an LIV Accredited Family Lawyer in Melbourne who specialises in legal matters related to divorce and separations, including spousal maintenance and child support payments.

If you want to speak to a family lawyer in Northcote, contact us for advice.

Over the years, we have advised many clients who needed help from a family lawyer in Northcote. Our office is located just down the road on Queens Parade and provides a discrete option, with easier parking than perhaps on High Street, Northcote. We also offer criminal law services Northcote residents can trust, including IVO (intervention order/ family violence) response advice.

Rowan Skinner is a Law Institute Family Law Accredited Specialist, with thirty years experience as a family lawyer.

Our specialist family or divorce lawyers work together with clients to create the best outcome possible when dealing with the sensitive process of marriage separation and divorce. Our first consultation is free for fifteen (15) minutes and this time is used to understand the basics of the relationship and to ascertain likely outcomes. There is no obligation to continue.

When going through a divorce, it is important to get good advice from a family lawyer who can help you understand the nature of your problem and to “reality check”, to ensure you have realistic expectations about how the divorce / property settlement procedure may eventuate.

Our Family Lawyer Services :

Over the years, we have extensive experience on all types of divorce / property settlement cases. For many, keeping the separation out of court is important while for others in more difficult situations this may not be possible. We have favourably settled divorces including custody battles, which have include drug addiction and violence issues. Your personal situation is what is important to us, and we work to provide the right outcome for you. Not every divorce needs to be messy or complicated.

For some clients in search of a family lawyer, they like to choose a law firm which is a little bit removed from their day to day life. Travelling just a few minutes down the road is one way to achieve this element of privacy.

If you would like to work with a professional Northcote family lawyer, contact us today.


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What our clients are saying about our family law service


I regularly refer my clients to Rowan Skinner and Asc when they need representation. My clients have consistently had excellent advice and successful outcomes through Rowan’s representation at Court and when negotiating settlements. These proven results in combination with Rowan’s personal ability to engage with a diverse range of people, ensures that I will continue to refer my clients who need a family lawyer in Melbourne.


Rowan represented me in the Magistrates Court and the County Court in relation to very serious charges. Rowan was thorough, professional and diligent in his preparation and responded appropriately to my needs. I was acquitted of all charges.


I run a commercial law practice and frequently refer clients to Rowan for assistance and advice with family law. Rowan is a family law specialist: this means he is independently verified as having required skills and clients can have confidence in his ability and ethical standards.

John Whelan

I have a Mortgage Broking business with a large number of clients who having varying needs. I have referred many clients who want an excellent Family Law Specialist to look after them during what are difficult times. I have even referred family members to Rowan as I know he will look after them compassionately and professionally. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services.

Andrew Kostanksi

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