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Rowan Skinner is an LIV Accredited Family Lawyer in Melbourne who specialises in legal matters related to divorce and separations. This includes family violence intervention orders, spousal maintenance and child support payments.

We offer a free fifteen minute consultation, usually be phone or Zoom, so that we can understand your case and to present options for you to either file an IVO, or to respond in a way intended to achieve the outcome you want.

Do you need help with a family intervention order response?

If you would like assistance responding to an intervention order against you, then contact our family lawyers in Melbourne for advice.

Our family lawyers are very experienced at preparing IVO responses for clients. Responding in a professional way can be the difference in a positive or negative outcome for you.

Also, ff you find yourself in a relationship that could place you in any physical or psychological harm, we can help prepare an intervention order for you. These could include behaviors such as harassment, stalking, and threats of violence. An intervention order can mean the difference when it comes to being protected from any future actions you might otherwise remain fearful of. Intervention orders prohibit a defendant from committing specific behaviors, and include either personal safety, or family violence intervention orders to protect loved ones who may potentially be involved.

If your partner has filed an IVO against you, it may restrict access to your home and children if you have any. Reacting impulsively is often a mistake people make in this situation. We recommend obtaining legal advice, before responding to spousal intervention orders. We offer a free fifteen minute phone consultation to help discuss your options.

You can speak to an experienced intervention order lawyer in Melbourne by calling us on (03) 9995 9155. We are specialist family lawyers and criminal lawyers that can represent you in the local magistrate’s court. We provide intervention order responses for clients from Northcote, Fitzroy, Kew, Carlton and other surrounding areas to name a few. Our office is very convenient for those traveling to and from the CBD from Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

Intervention orders can also be referred to as Intervention Violence Orders (IVO) or restraining orders, and are used to allow a legal measure of protection from any antagonistic conduct anticipated by a defendant.

The process of an intervention order usually has two main steps. These are :

  1. An interim order – this is a short term order made until the magistrate can hear the evidence and make a final decision.
  2. A final order – this is a longer term IVO that is made if the magistrate believes a person needs protecting.

Intervention orders are often used as a legal means to deal with highly emotional, inter-personal scenarios, such as relationships. While such incidents can involve subjective perspectives between disputing partners, some defendants can be left feeling that an IVO has been unnecessarily placed against them or that an order might be used inappropriately against them if made. Should this be the case, we are as able to assist in the defense of your rights.

Consult with an experienced intervention order lawyer in Melbourne today. Especially if you live or work in Northcote, Kew, Fitzroy, Fairfiled or other surrounding suburbs. We specialise as family, and criminal lawyers, and our office is convenient and discreet. Call Rowan Skinner and Associates Lawyers at (03) 9995 9155, and find in our team a competent legal representative who can assist you in seeking further protection for yourself, or your family.


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I regularly refer my clients to Rowan Skinner and Asc when they need representation. My clients have consistently had excellent advice and successful outcomes through Rowan’s representation at Court and when negotiating settlements. These proven results in combination with Rowan’s personal ability to engage with a diverse range of people, ensures that I will continue to refer my clients who need a family lawyer in Melbourne.


Rowan represented me in the Magistrates Court and the County Court in relation to very serious charges. Rowan was thorough, professional and diligent in his preparation and responded appropriately to my needs. I was acquitted of all charges.


I run a commercial law practice and frequently refer clients to Rowan for assistance and advice with family law. Rowan is a family law specialist: this means he is independently verified as having required skills and clients can have confidence in his ability and ethical standards.

John Whelan

I have a Mortgage Broking business with a large number of clients who having varying needs. I have referred many clients who want an excellent Family Law Specialist to look after them during what are difficult times. I have even referred family members to Rowan as I know he will look after them compassionately and professionally. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services.

Andrew Kostanksi

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