A recent study down in England, reported in the Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law (JSWFL), conducted by Dr Adrienne Barnett found that in particular estranged Fathers with a proven history of family violence could use parental alienation allegations made by Mothers to discredit those Mothers and gain additional parenting time with a child.

The suggestion is made that abusive Fathers alleged that the residential Mother is alienating the child against them in order to improve their access.

Marilyn Stowe, an English family lawyer, observed that some child arrangements do appear to boil down to allegations of abuse from one parent versus allegations of parental alienation by the other.[1]

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[1]  https://www.stowefamilylaw.co.uk/blog/2020/01/29/study-finds-abusers-use-parental-alienation-to-gain-contact-with-children/