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Have you been either interviewed of charged by the police for an alleged sexual offence or Indecent Assault?

Our sex offence lawyers in Melbourne, offer a Free 15 Minute Consultation, that could greatly help you.

If you have been charged or threatened with charges related to sexual assault, it is normal to be worried, stressed or even angry. These are not minor offences and the consequences can be serious. The way in which you respond, or begin your defence can be critical to the outcome.

We recommend that you contact an experienced criminal lawyer who understands sexual offences. Someone who knows how to defend clients who are faced such charges. An experienced sexual assault lawyer should be in the best position to provide the advice and representation to help you proceed and communicate your defence throughout the prosecution.

Rowan Skinner is experienced when it comes to defending clients through sexual related offences. He has the ability to appear with you in Magistrate contested hearings and other Courts if required. His aim will be to get the best outcome he can for you, his client. This could mean fighting for an acquittal, or entering a plea to achieve the result you want. That of course will depend on the evidence and the position you want to hold.

Along with being a criminal lawyer, Rowan is an LIV accredited family lawyer. He has also been involved in many divorce proceedings that have included various forms of assault or other violent actions. He has a clear understanding of laws relating to intervention orders and matters such as breach of restraining orders and indecent assault.

Sexual Assualt Lawyer In Melbourne

We are conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD and also have an office in Clifton Hill. Our sexual assault lawyers can represent or defend you at any Magistrates’, County or Supreme Court around Melbourne or in regional Victoria.

Our Clifton Hill base makes us a convenient choice by clients searching for a sex offence lawyer in Northcote, Brunswick, Kew and other areas.

Do I Need Legal Advice On Sexual Assual Allegations

Each sexual assault charge is different. They are often complicated and can be highly emotional. Because of this, the laws of procedure and evidence that can apply to the prosecution of sexual offences can be very complicated. This is one reason why legal advice for sexual charges could be so important.

In many circumstances time limits may also apply. Because of this, sexual assault charges may move quickly through our Court systems. They may be convened through a process reserved solely for sexual related cases. Having the right advice and being prepared can make all the difference.

We are not here to judge. Whatever the reason may be that you have been charged with a sexual offence, we strongly recommend that you seek legal advice as soon as you can. It is understood that discussing the details of this type of allegation may feel embarrassing at times. It is normal as they are of a personal nature. But ignoring the facts, or delaying action can be truly a bad option. Timely advice from a sex offence solicitor could reduce your anxiety and start the process of working towards the conclusion you want.

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I regularly refer my clients to Rowan Skinner and Asc when they need representation. My clients have consistently had excellent advice and successful outcomes through Rowan’s representation at Court and when negotiating settlements. These proven results in combination with Rowan’s personal ability to engage with a diverse range of people, ensures that I will continue to refer my clients who need a family lawyer in Melbourne.


Rowan represented me in the Magistrates Court and the County Court in relation to very serious charges. Rowan was thorough, professional and diligent in his preparation and responded appropriately to my needs. I was acquitted of all charges.


I run a commercial law practice and frequently refer clients to Rowan for assistance and advice with family law. Rowan is a family law specialist: this means he is independently verified as having required skills and clients can have confidence in his ability and ethical standards.

John Whelan

I have a Mortgage Broking business with a large number of clients who having varying needs. I have referred many clients who want an excellent Family Law Specialist to look after them during what are difficult times. I have even referred family members to Rowan as I know he will look after them compassionately and professionally. I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services.

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